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Moon Calendar in Anishinabemowin-MSKOMINI GIIZIS RASPBERRY MOON JULY

Were welcoming another full moon tonite, this time for the month of July 2018. Here is a link to both dialects of the moons since we follow a lunar calendar,  with the understanding that there are 13 full moons in a year, the moon, or Grandmother Moon, Nokomis is very important our our connection to our Nokomis is evident each month, the she is fullest,

The seventh moon of Creation is Raspberry Moon, when great changes begin. By learning gentleness and kindness, we may pass through the thorns of its brush and harvest its fruit, as we gain knowledge that will help in raising our families.


Creating activities for children are ideal so children understand their unique cultural teachings around Grandmother moon.

Here are two links, and in our own ways we can facilitate those important teachings as parents, from what our grandparents have taught us or Elders, and mentors; in recognition of our connection to the Moon, the Waters, to all of Creation,

Activities for

Native Reflections Activity

-Ojibway, Cree, Mohawk 

Tribalfull moon

What does it mean to be an indigenous man? New book challenges misconceptions of indigenous masculinity

“As opposed to mainstream masculinities where discussions might be around power and how it’s deployed, all the conversations we had were around responsibilities, and how men can take up those responsibilities to the natural world as well as to all their human relations,” said Anderson.

Anderson believes that indigenous masculinity has become linked with violence and criminality because of the long history of colonialism.

“Prior to an interference from colonization, indigenous men were embedded within families and communities where they had tremendous responsibilities that they exercised on a daily basis,” said Anderson.

“Those are the things that were disrupted, and those are the things that contribute to the levels of crisis and traumas in our communities and the violence that people experience.”

Beyond defining what masculinity is, Anderson and Innes said the book highlights what needs to be changed to ensure a positive future for indigenous boys.