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Slow Down: Precious Cargo.

I was on my way to visit my father in law at the Regional. On the way there, I passed by a familiar face, and didnt notice who it was until, well i turned, and carried on along, and reflected on that person I had seen thinking.. hey they didnt even notice me. This maybe a message about priorities in life.. who is paying attention, who do we need to pay attention to us?  The roads we take in life, some the high road, some the low road. I had a reflective moment.

Then, driving along to the Regional, and a police in front of me. Im like.. hmm.. “he’s telling me to go this way?”, Busy mom moment.. right.. and soon enough, air radar. Me “speeding”, me.. when meanwhile i thought he was telling me to go another way to avoid the situation ahead.. oh wait a moment, I am the situation.. and then I look ahead, and my old buddy also getting a ticket the same time. She looked at me, and we acknowledged each other. We had just seen each other a few days back. Funny to see her here too. Ticketed at the same time.

Not a good scenario. But he was kind enough about the entire thing. You get these situations in life, to “slow down”, this was likely a universal message here.. Of course, scary stories ran thru my head. Because I had to go to the trunk to get my wallet and of course, I didnt tell him what I was doing. And then.. the realization of conduct with police officers, and how, pullovers look. But Im just me.. driving with my precious cargo which he reminded me of.. the children, take care of the children in your life. It was a good reminder, about what matters most. He made sure that I realised that this was about the bigger prevention piece here, the bigger message about the children.

Then.. when I arrived at the hospital, it was all about the right time.. the right place.. because sometimes life isn’t about where or what we need, or whats there for us, but what are we able to give to others. Which was and has been a bit of my daily them. And more precious cargo, our children’s grandfather, who really needed me at that exact moment. I wont get into his details, but as you can imagine, I have ended a bit of the sandwich generation. And we really know that this just means, we look after our Elders, the best we can. With the help we can. Those kind ones who advocate, support and step in when we don’t expect the help.

I’ll remember when I passed into my husband the day before on location at his job, with a sign, “slow down”.. and me really needing to listen to that message. I had ran into him by fluke on his job site after i left a beach with the boys the day before.

Sometimes we dont’ value those who care and provide for the precious cargo, and we really need to more. Children & Elders, the precious cargo, we need to think more about. Including me. Slow down.. (I wasn’t driving erratically, i hit a stretch that is so.. well.. residentially comfortable, that.. well heavy foot I suppose). I am reminded, to slow down mom. A quick google and I found this song. Slow down in all aspects of life.