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What does it mean to be an indigenous man? New book challenges misconceptions of indigenous masculinity

“As opposed to mainstream masculinities where discussions might be around power and how it’s deployed, all the conversations we had were around responsibilities, and how men can take up those responsibilities to the natural world as well as to all their human relations,” said Anderson.

Anderson believes that indigenous masculinity has become linked with violence and criminality because of the long history of colonialism.

“Prior to an interference from colonization, indigenous men were embedded within families and communities where they had tremendous responsibilities that they exercised on a daily basis,” said Anderson.

“Those are the things that were disrupted, and those are the things that contribute to the levels of crisis and traumas in our communities and the violence that people experience.”

Beyond defining what masculinity is, Anderson and Innes said the book highlights what needs to be changed to ensure a positive future for indigenous boys.