Removing blocks

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The other day my son needed a towel.

I had none on me but my curtain sized Ganesh, and offered it to him.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of beginnings, and a remover of obstacles.  When I first purchased this curtain I’d felt the imagery was important for me and my family as we were going through some rough times. I turned to help to the good imagery and support there is. Ganesh was the image because it seemed happy and friendly.

The story about my trunk is that I accidently locked it about 12 days ago after our voyage back to Ontario. This stressed me out but I did not voice it but days of no trunk, not fun. In my trunk all my favourite belongings, and most personal. Because we had just moved I was keeping them there. Also in the trunk.. the spare tire. Imagine my anxiety realising what if I needed the spare tire.  I carried a screen shot of the tow truck if we needed it. Help really being only 10 minutes away.. still.

As a mother, I find that my anxiety is a lot higher than usual now. I used to be super laid back without a worry in the world. With children, my need to settle myself, is different. There is always something to think about.

My faith in my little traditions, even if subconscious, like pulling out Ganesh who I feel, helped me to refocus my energy on what I needed to happen in my life, which was as simple as first starting my day on a walk with my kids, then sitting down, being quiet, re-reading my owner manual for my car, (when just a few days ago I sent my car off, to get the trunk examined by “experts” who never even took a moment to read the owner manual even though I gave it to them, and instead got “physical” on my car, and potentially could have damaged it with the physical pressure of three guys trying to get it open with force).

When all it really took was me, taking my time, reading the manual, getting in the mindset of what needed to be done. This said, the master key will open the trunk, turn right.  First I tried with my key and not telling my husband because I wanted to “save the day”, but it did not work.  Then the disappointment but hope that my husbands spare key may help. When I came I told him “I think we should have read the owner manual, I think I know how to open this trunk, there is a secret key spot”, him looking at me “Lets do it”. We head outside.  He grabs something to kneel on, and looking for the secret key spot, turning the key, and boom…it opens.

Reflection: surround yourself with your go to obstacle removers, ask for help, believe you have what you need, time, quiet, faith, helpers… support. Sort of like a toolkit. Figure out how to be your own hero, sometimes.