How I started a business with less than 1000.00

When is started my business, it all began like this.

I was sitting in my very boring job dealing with Lateral Violence. I had no clue what that meant at the time, but I’d watch as the boss I had, essential ignore my amazing work, I had to offer. It was always wrong. Then right. Then wrong. Then……… other stories.

I also then noticed when, I’d be office bullied into looking like a complete fool in front of a committee. The passive aggressive nature of this was and is something I won’t forget. This was the other boss.

Perhaps what struck me the most was how, I was just hanging on. I felt I had MUCH more to offer, to do, to be. I felt torn by working full time hours and having a very young family, I was still nursing my youngest at the time, and had two more children under the age of 7. As a mother, this was not the vibe that I could see myself in for much longer, but when you have been “trained” in the mindset of scarcity, funding models, and not an entrepreneur mindset, this way of operating is terrifying, draining and super bad for your health.

REALIZATION… I could likely begin my own business once I got laid off and found a program by divine intervention, thank you higher self for chosing that. After a few months of nailing down on paper and building a business plan with a lot of…. suffereing from what I wanted to offer.. when your me, the jack of all trades, you have a hard time nailing this out. I eventually settled with “second level services”, but what the flip does that mean, more government jargon.. NOT my own voice.. Just the other day, and this is three years nearly four into my business I decided I want to support entrepreneurs. I want to mentor entrepreneurs. I want to help entrepreneurs. From this concept, I previously developed a training program that will help to support entrepreneurship.

This is because I too have been there. I have handled with class still and experience, different occasions where my business succeeded and did well. I have surprised the F)(* out of people who did not believe in my work. I have surprised my own self. I have been told I thrive under stress. It is true, I can manage a lot. Though.. the one area I do want to acknowledge is that when you can build a system for yourself, that works, you can find your calling in entrepreneurship. When you can find that area of expertise, that only you have, essentially what you are good at and what brings you joy, you can design something that you can deliver.

What and how to find role models, mentors? I believe that those kindred and loving moments are our best teachers. I believe that alignment is everything. I believe that the right signs come when we are in our right direction. We need to listen to our own energy centres, and additionally work through our own traumas, so they do not kick us out of power. Those traumas though, important in working through and from. Important in knowing, respecting and healing. How do you heal from your trauma and what does that have to do with entrepreneurship?

Once upon a time, a young woman believed she had to heal everything. She then realised it was not her job. She only had to heal herself, her family and nurture her vision. From here you can offer your best. No one is expecting perfection. They are expecting connection.

How did I do this with less than 1000? I first had to take the time needed to write and explore what I wanted to deliver and share. I thank invested in a computer. It was all I needed. I then tailored my business development to my reality of raising young children. They came with me everywhere. When I wanted to offer support to new mothers, my children came because I found an activity that would allow for them. Of course I wanted to go out and have martinis. Of course I wanted to go hiking deep in the bush. Of course I would have at some times rather be hanging out talking deep issues around a fire late at night. BUT that was not my time. I had to use what resources were offered to me at the time. I had to additionally cherish, love and take care and very good care of my family. I also had to step up to care for my father in law, who got very sick. I had to put all my so called priorities aside, and be with him at the very end of his life, and then I broke my leg……….. whole other story. What did I learn from these traumas: life happens. How we navigate? How we replenish our spiritual space? How we cancel out the negative with the positive.

Gratitude is one thing. Realism is another. Working with the bare minimum is sometimes all we have. Prayer matters, whatever that means to you on a personal level is up to you, but to me, that is a way I was raised to pay attention to my own spiritual connection. These connections, I believe have kept me grounded, grateful and gave me hope. Recognising personal power, expertise, despite the lack of recognition, is what is necessary for pushing thru. Even if an Eminem song comes on, and speaks to you, consider that your teacher for the moment.

Take up space. Read a lot. Find your potential because it makes you feel good. For me, my 1000.00 start up started with my networking abilities. I launched a consulting business, with the bare minimum. Caring was the first reason it started. Caring + compassion = important. Make it count.

Entrepreneurship & Tribes

Second level services for Elders

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You want to make a difference. You are not sure how. One way is through developing your own business because here is where you can develop your tribe and elevate your vibe.

There are many examples of entrepreneurs who did one thing and one thing only: they followed their heart.

Depending on your circumstances, or story, entrepreneurship may be the exact thing you need. When I ventured down the journey myself, I felt consultant was the correct name for my line of work given the length of years I spent in education it seemed right. After all some of my competitors may have a higher education but 0 time spent in a job. That is 100% true. Some people with a PhD which I think could be one of my main competitors, have went from high school, to university to the Masters and straight up to the PhD. Some within the same institution! Some with some job experience. Chosing what works for you, because maybe you have lived experiences, and if you were to do an inventory of all that you have to offer, is those direct experiences, which means that is your unique skill set, which technically you can also become a consultant or specialist in.  Here is an example of a young entrepreneur who did not want to see her own grandmother without services and seen a gap, so built a business on it. Cleary her tribe is around providing that care for her grandmother and other Elders in the same situation. Her tribe, a helping one.  We all have that fire within us.

This family owned business states:

An exceptional team, including sister Avery, who heads operations, is vital too. “We hire for heart and soul,” says Hamilton, explaining that before each hire she asks, Would I want this person caring for my loved one? “You have to truly care. It’s not a job, it’s a calling. If you focus on that, clients feel it.”

That family members bring personal knowledge, experience and passion is also meaningful. “If I just wanted to make money, I could have chosen a hundred other industries,” says Hamilton, whose seen many jump into the field only to leave soon thereafter, unable to deal with the challenges. “You need to be in this because you’re passionate about exceptional care and about people being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” she adds. “It isn’t an easy industry, but it’s very fulfilling – if you’re in it for the right reasons.

Caring for Elders