Alignment & Team Work

I want to open up my morning with a talk about alignment.

I’ve read tonnes of entrepreneurs, healers and practitioners talking about alignment. Even auto mechanics talk about alignment. Alignment is not just about chakras, yoga, or self care. Alignment is everything.

As I sit in my un airconditioned home in Alberta because the smoke has come into the city covering the city with a 10 advisory it is not even June 1. I am waking up to what looks to be a not so good situation. I am not here to sound alarms, but I am here to remind people about alignment and what matters the most is sometimes not what we see, do or even think. What we feel and where and how we navigate ourselves and our families is what is far more important. How ironic, I moved from my last location because of cigarette smoke and other problems. Taking a job, doing what I love to do: writing, teaching..  helped me to align in my work.

When my son started to cough a week ago and I did manage to get him puffers for his cough, which I am so happy I put him first not me. It meant calling in sick, again. I had to take two days off. But this is what we do for our children, for our families. We tend to their needs. As parents we must. For me this is how I align as a mother, as any mother would. Did I know the smoke would come in over the city? No. Am I happy I was able to help my son out before? Of course. Is following your instinct as a mother the best thing? Yes its alignment. That is about listening to that place, within you, that knows.

When I think about alignment there are so many times I did not work within an aligned purpose, and the teamwork was additionally missing. Therefore, alignment and team work go together.  They must. While self care and all this are important, maybe we’d        need less self care if we learned to work better as teams. Debriefing, is also a part of this. Checking in, helping out to make sure everyone is feeling and functioning the best they could.

What if we’d practice more radical compassion. Radical acts of love. Radical open arms. Radical “I’ll hear you, Ill hold a space for you, I promise.”

Today I think of the great first responders: fire fighters, ambulance. Those at the feat of forest fires, those at the schools holding space for children, those storytellers who lift, who help to build confidence and purpose, those who hold space in their own way. Those patient and at the same time being displaced. Prayers for them. Who helps the coordination of evacuations. Who takes the first step in first responses. Who opens up their community, homes. Each and every act helps.

Your purpose may be not clear. Alignment is about being as clear as you can, with your intention, purpose, and core values.  Everyone has a different view of this, and rightfully so.  Team work to help support, build and provide loving kindness.










Entrepreneurship & Tribes

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You want to make a difference. You are not sure how. One way is through developing your own business because here is where you can develop your tribe and elevate your vibe.

There are many examples of entrepreneurs who did one thing and one thing only: they followed their heart.

Depending on your circumstances, or story, entrepreneurship may be the exact thing you need. When I ventured down the journey myself, I felt consultant was the correct name for my line of work given the length of years I spent in education it seemed right. After all some of my competitors may have a higher education but 0 time spent in a job. That is 100% true. Some people with a PhD which I think could be one of my main competitors, have went from high school, to university to the Masters and straight up to the PhD. Some within the same institution! Some with some job experience. Chosing what works for you, because maybe you have lived experiences, and if you were to do an inventory of all that you have to offer, is those direct experiences, which means that is your unique skill set, which technically you can also become a consultant or specialist in.  Here is an example of a young entrepreneur who did not want to see her own grandmother without services and seen a gap, so built a business on it. Cleary her tribe is around providing that care for her grandmother and other Elders in the same situation. Her tribe, a helping one.  We all have that fire within us.

This family owned business states:

An exceptional team, including sister Avery, who heads operations, is vital too. “We hire for heart and soul,” says Hamilton, explaining that before each hire she asks, Would I want this person caring for my loved one? “You have to truly care. It’s not a job, it’s a calling. If you focus on that, clients feel it.”

That family members bring personal knowledge, experience and passion is also meaningful. “If I just wanted to make money, I could have chosen a hundred other industries,” says Hamilton, whose seen many jump into the field only to leave soon thereafter, unable to deal with the challenges. “You need to be in this because you’re passionate about exceptional care and about people being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” she adds. “It isn’t an easy industry, but it’s very fulfilling – if you’re in it for the right reasons.

Caring for Elders