Self Care

I am currently developing more resources in the area of Self Care especially in the context for Women, and Mothers. Taking care of ourselves and ensuring that we are caring for our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual selves is a huge job and task, and can help to lead us in the right direction so we feel balanced. When we feel unbalanced because we lack self care, we can become consumed, feel burnt out, or exhausted.  Becoming balanced again can be simple steps: physical(taking care of our bodies), mental(having lines of support that validate our feelings, work, things we do), emotional (engaging in positive activities to help build positive feelings), and lastly, finding a special magical spot in nature, to nurture our spirit.  All year long, we have special activities or things we do, as a family or individual.

How is it that we express self care, and pass on that knowledge to others?

What is an important message to inspire each other?

When I participated in the below Rematriate Campaign, it was a celebratory act to capture my achievements of motherhood and also because I had just finished my Masters of Education. I remember how at the beginning of the Masters it seemed to be such a difficult process, however, when you commit to a schedule and to something that works for you, it becomes your achievement in the end.