Investing in personal and professional development will enhance your ability to enter a market of your choice, and definitely enable you to build upon your strengths.

beSuperior offers the following support in,

Guidance & Mentoring

Help with planning.

Entrepreneur Support & Mentoring

Support in mentoring, visioning, and understanding what is your gift to market. Social Media, Website Design, Branding, Connections, Defining your Market, Mindset, Business Plan Development… R & R…. Self Care.

Indigenous Research Methodologies

This unique research methodology has been around academia since the late 1990’s. Built around the concepts of respect, relevance, & reciprocity. There are no Cole’s Notes, but I can help understand why this is so important.

Indigenous Science

Demonstrated understanding of Indigenous Science, willing to help support sharing & knowledge building, and exploring Land based options and design. Especially important, building up upon experiential learning, intuitive knowledge, and Coming to Know and Understand a Journey together. With Reggio influence I think about science in a way that can help foster relationship building, connection, reciprocity & kindness. I never learned about science this way until I started to do research on my own in environmental education. It was like a whole other experience for me.

Design & Evaluation

I help to support design to ensure it supports learners, using aspects of philosophy, and strength centered approaches in curriculum or program development. I draw from scholars like LittleBear, Reggio Emilia, & Cardinal.

Self Care

Helping to support healing through arts based activities. I’ve suffered a few injuries myself, and learned the importance and value of self care. Injuries are difficult because they really are a test of our own patience, and a good time to self reflect, as well as heal. A hard one at times to practice. Guidance in this area is valuable. I bring a lot of knowledge in this area.

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into the Classroom or Program

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge and especially Land Connection into youth programming is important for all youth in Canada. This can be a priority for a school, a program or any organization that supports youth. For this, my inspiration comes from a story I came across, which I call the gentle & kind mindfulness of Mother Bear

As mother, this seems increasingly important for so many reasons, for one, how to build community? How to think about learning outside as a relatively easy process, and not so difficult? How to find a balance between technology & the fact that learners need a balance between? How does IK look in the classroom? What are strategies that we can start?

As I taught in colleges and classrooms, it occurred to me there was an interest and a desire to learn, though a lack in process & concept. When I would speak from my worldview and perspectives, and especially inspiring learners to do the same, or participants with research, it was moving.. beautiful.. strength based. Mother Bear truly teaches about the now, about courage, and truth. By focussing on physical design, and the stories we incorporate into the design, matters most.