Previous Projects

If you click on the links provided, you will see some of my past work, and a full CV is available upon request to

Elders, youth and art

This event aimed to create intergenerational connections through art and story. It brought together more than 45 people, including about 20 Gr. 6 & 7 students from a neighbouring school, elders and seniors from the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre and Community Clothing Assistance, college students, artists, storytellers, and other community members. People from different cultures, from ages twelve to people in their eighties, were engaged in a creative process that combined sharing their stories with a collaborative weaving project, with a focus on learning and growth.

Elders Human Rights Quilt

Human Rights Quilt Purpose

Work to help support learning and knowledge building as well as supporting Elders in being leaders in their family by sharing information on Human Rights and participating in arts based activities, storytelling, sharing, and building capacity and relationships. This occurred in Thunder Bay, Ontario from March 2014 to March 2015.

Learning on the Land Presentation for the AFN in March 2016.