Newest Projects

1. beSuperior is now on Teachable– and is offering this program, which is also available for organization wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Here is the link to the online course, pricing will be accessible at 25.00 per course which is composed of up to date and useful information, based on best practices. Thank you! Course One:  Fearless Flow for Entrepreneurs

2. Will be looking into the feasibility of hosting an Indigenous Knowledge Conference in the Fall in Thunder Bay with the Title “Mentoring a Generation of Leaders’ The focus of this Professional Development opportunity will be determined as time and effort to hear from prospective presenters. Please find a request for support here:

If you feel you’d like to present please submit your information to me at
There are many themes to look upon which are the layers of support we need to do what we need to do well: Land based, resilience, family, self care, wellness, safety, cultural teachings, health, education, mentoring, & entrepreneurship.
I have a larger vision of building more supports for youth. Identifying what this means, and how this looks for the north shore of Lake Superior.
While the conference will have an approach of Indigenous Methodologies, the conference will focus on being as open to partnerships and in recognition of making helping to support better relationships and build support.

Parameters of presenters should fall under:

Respectful: what is it that I have to offer that relates to respect.
Relevance: what or how or why is what I have to share relevant.
Reciprocity: how does what I have to offer give back to the community, and even lending itself to sustainability? Or what or how is this sustainable?

Funders and Partners,
At the moment, beSuperior will be seeking partners/ funders who can help to support this conference