Launch Story

beSuperior is about potentials realized, and about recognising the gifts we have.

When we recognise our expertise, we are so much more.

beSuperior is recognition of the beautiful Lake and waterways this beautiful place. As someone raised and from the north shore, who has also went away, and came back, I get the lifestyle here, and the opportunities.

About me: I grew up next door to the Lake Superior. This represented my freedom, comfort, balance, and wisdom. There were so many ways I was a part of the community growing up, and later in life, Thunder Bay became my second home when I moved there to go to university- I attended Lakehead University for both my Education Degrees and Masters of Education Degrees.

When I  went off to university the first time, to Trent University, and when I came back to do my Bachelor Of Education, at Lakehead University, I realised how connected I was to the north, and how much I missed being here. We are often pushed off to do Post Secondary.  Returning to the north in 2000, felt like home. This was when Thunder Bay became my second home. And a place I wanted to be a part of, as well help support. Receiving an Education degree there, meant I wanted to stay there. However I moved for a job, and each time I moved for the job, well somehow I ended up back.

I have worked in many sectors, in the north, and lent my expertise and knowledge in areas of education, health, research, advocacy, early learning. I also just know that being in the north is where I love it the most. Therefore, starting a business here made sense to me. Extending my ideas, research and concepts to how we can incorporate and include more learning to reflect the growth and wellness of all of us.

From writing that plan, which was in 2015, and moving out into the world from my living room and from the places I visited with my children as they were very much a part of my business plan. Envisioning a business that balances my life with my family, my values as an educator and researcher is important to me.

As a mother, my entrepreneur warrior spirit is one that has sustained me, and kept me building more and more relationships and success.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, according to our situation, what makes most sense according to where I am at now in my life? That is how entrepreneurship found me. I hope too, that others will be inspired to begin entrepreneurship if they feel that it makes sense to them.


  • Knowledge of the Northshore of Lake Superior and areas, and the strengths here,
  • Knowledge of the need to balance economy with sustainability,
  • Understanding of youth, and protective factors needed to support youth,
  • Experience in working with Elders,
  • Research written in a way that made sense to me, and that honoured my voice, and unique way of learning and knowing.
  • 4 Conferences/numerous workshop,
  • Numerous networks built,
  • Knowledge and connection to the north shore & digital based businesses & entrepreneurs worldwide,
  • Socially connected,
  • From the north and a connection to community, Land and people,
  • Connections across the province and country,
  • Masters of Education & thesis written,
  • 15 + years of educational experiences: writing & teaching various audiences- college, university, community based, curriculum writing & design,
  • 2+ years of outdoor learning experiences including tree planting & with Rediscovery & Outward Bound including guiding, paddling, and hiking.

Focus areas- 


Offering support on projects, in the area of economics, wellness, education, learning, entrepreneurship or arts based. I can also build programs.

Supporting youth along the Northshore of Lake Superior is a priority for beSuperior Consulting. Youth need opportunities for personal development, growth and layers of support though education, health and economic opportunities including networking, mentoring, and access to programs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP                                                                                                               Support in mentoring, visioning. Social Media, Website Design, Branding, Connections, Defining your Market, Mindset, Business Plan Development.

RESEARCH                                                                                                                                              I specialize in Indigenous Research Methodologies, and arts based research. I am skilled in qualitative research.

I can develop curriculum in a wide range of areas and have developed post secondary curriculum, as well as can develop subject matter in all areas. I’ve done a lot of work in Indigenizing & Decolonizing.  I am a sensitive natured individual with a good level of relevant areas in Indigenous Curriculum development, Land based pedagogy, as well working with partners in cross sectors.

I can help you build a conference, additionally chose themes and share how to effectively share knowledge, build networks and foster positive growth.