36 things that bring me joy, inspired by #katespade

Before Christmas, of last year, I treated myself to a new handbag from #KateSpade. I still carry my bag, and it keeps me organized.
I have not bought a new handbag in years. I was so fortunate one year, when i returned to work an old friend passed on me on a Coach bag.  I had not had a new bag in years, and what a nice act.
She passed a designer bag onto me at one of my lowest points financially. This was extremely thoughtful and kind.
Wallets and hand bags, are so much about who we are. I now carry a Pendleton wallet my sister gave me. Seriously I get a lot of compliments on it as well. It is gorgeous and fits perfectly in my Kate Spade purse.
Its where we store our favourites. Treating myself to a new bag was my treat to myself after a long year, sort of like, a trip to the candy store for kids I suppose.
When it came in the mail it included a postcard that said “She practices random acts of joy” and wrapped in beautiful tissue paper.
I love the small touches like that, and, joy is something I have been thinking about since January even though my January has been a steady climb, I believe joy is super important to remember in life.
For me, joy should be a core value.
So my joy list would look like this:
1. conversations. i love to talk, and about anything, people that value communication and conversation.
2. being open. this is a hard one since on top of being open we have to be vigilant, i value openess still.
3.  books. poetry.  literature. cereal box words. signs with words. words.
4. gardens
5. cypress hill & old school ’90’s music.
6.  beyonce: formation, missy elliot: work it, keasha tick tok, digable planets
7. a new lipstick
8. things in three
9. freesias & lilacs- flowers
10. crescent moon
11. old jeans & fuzzy sweaters, or leggings and fuzzy anything
12. oranges, lavender
13. very windy days
14. candles on a table when eating
15. strings of lights
16. long streets to walk along
17.  trees that touch above when you walk
18. nostalgia, adventure and the fun of adventures
19. lavender and hot pink sunsets
20. when my husband calls
21. “hello”
22. “i missed you”
23. cards
24. designer car rentals
25. strong legs
26. foothills & mountains
27. writers
28. moonlight bike rides
29. lily pads & frogs in the spring
30. coffee with your lover
31. limestone buildings
32. bowls
33. making my kids their favourite foods
34. any boots
35. more boots
36. serving punch at a birthday party
(37. long beaches along Lake Superior)