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Steps to landing a full time job in a different city

If you were like me, you are feeling trapped, knowing that you need a job because there is no security otherwise. Knowing that you are planning a move to a city that can give you more meaningful employment, value your contributions and that your children will thrive and be happy in is a good enough reason. I knew that I would have a few job opportunities and a few was all I needed, with a side business meant that my current life situation would improve greatly because having a job an in addition, running a business would simply mean one thing that was missing from my life: job security. Many people laugh at the word job security, I am never sure what they are laughing at? Everyone needs a job or job options.
How to forward but how with no job
Deciding what skill set you can offer, that will possibly lead to part time employment and hopefully full time employment is the first thing you will need to do. What I did was used Google as a search engine and joined onto where jobs that I wanted could be searched and tailored to my skill set. Plug in those key titles, even adjectives, and these jobs would come right to your email. Doing a search on Google and finding out local organizations, colleges, universities or other places of potential employment was also useful.

For me,  I applied for a part time occasional job in an area of mine and was recruited by a coordinator who needed someone with my exact skills. She also looked up my work experience on Linked In. Its your choice how you want to share, and so on.  In a few weeks, I was being interviewed and had secured an online distant position as an instructor, something I had previous experience in.

I’d recommend helping to support any place you want to work from afar because you can learn a lot about the work subculture, and any pertinent information about the company in the meantime. From here, you can make connections with other organizations or companies that work for the company you have been hired through networking.

By making connections, you will make other contacts. Here, if you share that you are looking for more work, because you want to make that move, maybe someone can share with you about other possibilities. This was my case. Within three months of being told of the position, I sent in an application and was actually working at the site location within that time frame.

Let no time and space stop you

Sometimes in life, we get that connection or offer we know we cannot say no to. It is an up level from our previous lives because securing a position gives us that stability. Landing a job that pays you what you would consider as a bare minimum to get you going is always a possibility to get you moving into a direction you want to be in.
Knowing where you belong
Reaching inside and asking those important questions about job satisfaction, city satisfaction, quality of life, and happiness are key in knowing where you are headed. Deciding what is negotiable or non negotiable, what you can take to your new job, and new city, and knowing what you can leave, what have you outgrown, what and where can you make new impacts, produce even new knowledge, and build towards what you are meant to do. Sometimes refining your entire vision of where you currently are is necessary until you get to where you want to be. Sometimes this manifestation is fast. Accept all help to get to where you are going. When we moved it was NOT an easy process. I had to accept help to literally toss old belongings that I know would not be useful. Bringing what was necessary was what we had to make the executive decisions to keep, was up to us. Moving is hard work: spiritually, mentally and physically, one everyone. But the tradeoffs can be entirely worth i.
Manifesting Dreams
Moving forward towards your dreams is a huge. I’ve done huge moves a few times. Once at the age of 25, I moved to attend a Creative Writing Program about 3000 km from home. Another time I had moved to the same city I live in now, for employment. These decisions are not an overnight process, but the decision to build that dream can begin in just one night. Sleeping on that decision, will help build clarity. Meditating on your newfound dream, helps to solidify what it is you are striving for. Being as clear as possible and focusing on your dream is necessary. Know what and where you want to also live is critical. Decide what sort of home you want? Right down to each detail. Knowing what you want, where you want to be, and what sort of company you want to be in are all important and critical questions. Inner work will prepare you for your change ahead, and you will need to take the time to do this and not overlook it.
New jobs, new life
They say our new life will cost you your old life. Money is energy. Money is a relationship. Knowing what you can expect from your relationship with money and where and how you see yourself being in your new location, is really also about being willing to pay that new vision. Learning from past mistakes, compromises, and blocks can also justify the new cost of your new life. Knowing that the job that you land, may not pay for the new life you have, and there maybe some bumps along the way, but remembering to stay true to who you are is key. You will meet people in your area of expertise. You will also make new relationships where you can support change and transformation, as well as gain experience in your given area. Sometimes moving is the only option.

The life changing aspect of Entrepreneurship for Indigenous Women,

When I reflect upon entrepreneurship and being an Indigenous woman, I can agree, it was a  game changer, for me. When we put our minds and our hearts together, to take those risks, do the things we love, and apply our skills. Removing the blocks, the barriers. This could apply to any of us. We all have mindset work. We all have individual areas we need to work on.

Removing barriers, the messaging that no longer serves us

The stories we have been told that are simply not true:

“your too old” to “we are all in our own time”

“your too broke” to “I am valuable”

“your too distracted” to “I am multi talented”

“you are not that type” to “I bring my own skill set”

“there is no funding” to “what is my true worth”

“you should be doing xxxx because everyone else is doing xxxx” to “this is how I roll”

“your not supposed to be an entrepreneur” to “I come from a long line of creative entrepreneurs”

“why don’t you get a real job” to “work is so many things”

Raising your vibe though entrepreneurship

Raising your vibe, and energy is necessary.

Knowing where you are aligned is much like going to places that support you, and your vision.  When I began to research my own business, not only did I have to search out people and mentors in my field, I deliberately sought out mentors. Sometimes this mean calling them, contacting them, finding them on Linked In, Facebook and other social media. I also lifted myself out of the parameters of the geography of where I lived. One of the best things I did was volunteer to present at a conference, and in exchange for my presentation, I received air fare and a hotel. I offered to also volunteer at the conference.

Going where your vibe is

Places can suck your energy, especially sometimes depending on what kind of person you are.

Knowing what you like? Being where you like to be. Taking comfort in knowing where you are has what you need.  Raising your belief, and your deeper sense of self, because it comes from that creative and feel good place, is honouring that place within you. For me being an entrepreneur and building that mindset meant I was able to receive. When I offered my skills and advices, it became a good relationship. Being an entrepreneur is about so many areas, and the multi layered experiences within, make it a place to really allow that creativity to shine through.


We’ve heard the stories: the entrepreneur who travelled across the country with one hundred dollars in spending money and a paid room. She wowed the audience. She made that connection. She came back to not only one, but two contracts awarded to her, enough to live off for a half of the year.

Why did this happen? The answer is simple: alignment and being true to what she could offer. Being true to what you have to give is why you attract the clients, and those who are interested in your work. Because you are being true to what and who you are. I can say that doing what you love, will attract more love, because that is the reciprocal nature of success.

Ideas on entrepreneurship

Everyone has their own ideas on what entrepreneurship means.

Because I am an Indigenous woman, and have had my own set of barriers: lack of access to funds, lack of access to culturally supportive mentoring. I realised that I had to unstuck myself.

I had to find out what my gold was. Not defining success by monetary values was an important aspect for me. Though knowing I’d need money to finance what I wanted to build.

I don’t claim to even truly know this, but I think what it means, is knowing what you feel is important and valuable. Perhaps the belief in self is the first step.

I knew when I faced unemployment, entrepreneurship was my much needed location, and go to place. I also knew it felt mysterious, overwhelming and at times, cool, and chic, but without a foundation, this would not work.

Knowing what was successful and tangible for me, was what I had to figure out. I am still ironing out what and how that looks. For example, what products can I offer: I often think writing a book would be a starting place. I have other areas I’d love to expand upon. Finding the time to do and design that is definitely on my list of things to do. Which means: time management, visioning and prep time, are very important here to mention as well.

As much as Indigenous women seem to be in the news, for the negative outcomes that we face, that burden our everyday lives, and that many of us deal with day to day.  I knew entrepreneurship and the building of my business, was a place for me to unshackle from those low vibes, a place for me to go. A creative safe space. Knowing what worked for me. For my family. For my life situation. Following my heart. Belief in my self. Lifting above the crushing lateral violence. The “I am not good enough” messages.

Ms. Audette writes in a 2012 article:

“The women entrepreneurs we see have more self-esteem. They are using their businesses to provide a healthy life for their families — and that is so much more than just a successful business. It helps keep families together, to provide an environment for their children to get an education, adds so much to the quality of life of aboriginal families.”









What inspires us

I am reminded of this work that I did.

When I took on this project, I had no clue about quilts or sewing. When I gathered quilting fabric and materials at the sewing store, I was laughed at by a local quilter for thinking it be easy to build a quilt. The truth is, I knew we’d do this as a team. And this we totally did.  I knew from my contact who was helping to support me that the Elders loved to do activities together and especially creative activities. I also knew, we’d work together, and our project would be a unique one.

One of my favourite thing was when we built our self portraits, which was the basis for the quilt activity. I took a Reggio learning activity, Reggio being one of my favourite early learning.  Building self portraits was and is so important for all of us. What and how we perceive ourselves, how we are known in the community and in our families? What stories do we share? What are our favourite colours? Places? Partners? Lovers? Children? How do we see ourselves? What is important to us? What are events in your life that you want to share about? What do you love to do?

What was shared by the Elders was phenomenal. I learned so many stories from them, that they could fill volumes. If you get a chance, you can see the quilt at the Friendship Centre in the basement where they run their programs which really is a niche for them.

Using this model to work with the Elders was really inspiring. During my time with them we worked in different spaces with them including the Baggage Arts Building, The Art Gallery.  I still work with the Elders in my work, and really believe in the work of  Loris Malaguzz  is built on a solid foundation of philosophical principles and extensive experiences and is truly a way of building something solid.

The work with the Elders was so much, and there is still so much to explore and build upon,

Indigenous Youth, Land & Art

I came across this interview which describes first hand how youth from the Thunder Bay area were involved in a residency program through the Thunder Bay Art Gallery involving art and Land Connection. Through expression. Through renewal. Though art making. Through shared moments and experiences. Space to talk, etc. I think what is important is making the space, and giving opportunity to express, with historical contexts,

Indigenous Knowledge Conference, November 13-14, 2018.

beSuperior Consulting operates out of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Being located in the north end of Ontario, means that offering an Indigenous Knowledge Conference here provides a unique opportunity for Education Directors, Health Directors, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Leadership and Chiefs and Delegates, Frontline Workers in all sectors, Elders, and youth and Professional Staff to come together for two days, to have a unique opportunity to experience What Indigenous Knowledge is. While  a conference setting is perhaps limiting as it is not on the Land, beSuperior wants to bring people together still, to think, remember, experience and show support for Indigenous Knowledge and the ones who truly ignite and work in this field often with little or no support.

The purpose of coming together is to build a place where connections can happen. What happens in events such as this is good for the spirit and good energy, it is also a place of transformation, change and new experiences.

Over the past two conferences as it was decided these would be offered twice a year, opportunities to bring together people where old and new ideas have shifted.

I envision a time where this knowledge is offered to all learners where all learners including my children and your children will know that we are holding space for them. Where it is okay and honoured to share without judgement with the intent of claiming, doing, believing and being ok with knowing this is a very old and sacred space.

As visionaries and writers we have been holding space for a long time. Having opportunities to share our insight deeply and carefully shows our tenacious love. Love is what keeps us doing what we do each day, from the early morning to the evening, and everything in between.

Details still coming.

Tickets are up on Eventbrite: Tickets

Speakers and facilitators please reach out to by September 14, 2018.

beSuperior offers their first Online Course

This four week online course will take place on a Facebook Group called Courageously Resilient which is about understanding resiliency, and why it is important.

Being resilient and learning about vulnerability as a source of strength as it comes from your most authentic self.

What and how to become aligned & stay aligned, Self Care & Land Connection.

This is beneficial for entrepreneurs, leaders, and learners of all kinds.

This mastermind will include pdf worksheets for participants, reflective journalling prompts and a place to a zoom session for one hour for each Module. One on one through facebook messanger for the duration of this program upon scheduled request.

We will also meet up on scheduled dates on Zoom.

This online course is developed to reach an online audience to reach as many people as possible in a safe repective manner.

Here is the link: Courageously, Resilient

Using Pinterest To Design things


I have lived near the Lake for most of my life and been drawn to its beauty. One day I went for a walk with my family and found sea glass in the jewel theme colours of lavender, pinks, clear, green, then imagine sand and turquoise themes, hence colours of the water and land near a beach. There are many ways you can go with this them.

On Pinterest, you would Create a Board. Match up colour themes to that main picture you have chosen as your guiding colour theme.

So I came up with: THIS