I launched my business in 2015 thanks to an Employment program. It helped me by giving me time to vision what I wanted to offer which is really based on my line of expertise in education, training, technical support, leadership, and self care. This is related to the field of Indigenous learning, knowledges and methodologies.

I’ve worked in the political realm as an education coordinator with Nishnawbe Aski Nation, for nearly 5 years, and including on various files, the most rewarding for me in the area of Education Jurisdiction with Treaty 9 and 5. I’ve never counted how many communities in Ontario that I have worked with, but definitely can say all Indigenous Provincial Territorial Organizations in some capacity. I’ve also worked in the  health sector and additionally provided consulting for most sector including justice, Human Rights, arts based, art engaged education,  public legal education, youth focused, Elder focused, and entrepreneurship.

Previous to going to university I worked as a National Lifeguard for 3 years and a swim coach and instructor for 5 years. I have also tree planted, and worked as an Outdoor Instructor with Outward Bound and guided trips in north western Ontario around the Black Sturgeon and along very rugged coast of Lake Superior, said to be very challenging. For me this is where I grew up and was my playground. I always looked at Land as a place and space to recharge, connect and bond.

My business was founded in Thunder Bay, Ontario with the hope to inspire, connect and provide opportunities to support especially with a connection to Indigenous Knowledge. Being largely educated in the westernised models, and realising how disconnected I felt. This meant, I have been searching for ways to heal in learning, and to also build connections in learning together. I realised the personal power that I felt when I made my content my content, my birthright is those stories, histories, experiences.

Building a capacity in the area of Indigenous Science is an area I am interested in.  With this in mind, I invited Dr. LittleBear to Thunder Bay in November of 2017  where he spoke about metaphysics from his Blackfoot Perspective. I launched my first conference, and entertained roughly 130 people in the same room, for a part of it. Having LittleBear as a keynote, later on Ballena Anderson and in Calgary, Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald  in Calgary Alberta in 2019.

Expanding to areas of leadership, and mentoring, in the areas of Professional Development is an area I have been recently exploring. Thinking too, along what and how to offer personal development.

I carry degrees from Trent University, Lakehead University of which my thesis was published in 2012. I am an educator and a researcher.


Professional and Personal Development & Mentoring – relate. connect. be.

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