My knowledge skill set is in Indigenous and holistic methodologies and built upon evidence based research and my own intuitive process and lived experiences. One area that has captured my heart is in understanding Indigenous epistemologies and metaphysics. Growing up in an industrialized and resource manipulated and extraction based economies(goldmines, mills), from what I have seen, attention seems to go to those sectors.

My goal is to create more space for relationship building just for the sake of building relationships with a goal towards wellness and belonging. My feeling is that more focus on knowledge building and working towards connections. Less focus on problems, and scarcity models of thinking. More focus on connecting and knowledge and support. Creating spaces. Listening to youth and Elder requests around creating that space. 

For me also important is thinking about learning and more about how we think about spaces we learn in. Valuing learning because it genuinely feels good is very important esp. in recognition of trauma and impacts of the Residential Schools, and our role to step up to create good vibe physical spaces as leaders, parents, and educators.

I grew up first in the forests and streets of Scarborough. My memories of multiculturalism, downtown, and my “forest” and treehouse are my favourites. I had a friend from nearly every country. Later on, I grew along the north shore of Lake Superior.

For me the waters, and being around the water, made me feel settled, at one, with peace. I’ve been fortunate to also live near the foothills and mountains and felt that same connection in the Treaty 7 territory. I’ve also spent time along the Otanabee River and the maple tress of the Peterborough area. And in Penticton BC which was an amazing experience of sage brush, mountains, and peaches. Cajete and LittleBear both speak about the places we live, and the spiritual connections we have to our home territories, and also of our interconnectedness to the Land.

Looking at how to build a community where I live in Thunder Bay is something I think about often and the conferences I host are a means to be a starting place, and a location to come together to share our stories, what works, that space together. Coming together with the intent to inspire and build better is a good starting place. 

Being online is simply another platform I am exploring more as I now will be offering online courses. Its an adventure and has introduced me to many entrepreneurs and other ways of understanding entrepreneurship. This summer after option 1 of going off to take an EdD. did not fruition I decided to invest into online entrepreneurship where I enrolled in a courses trained by experts in the area and its been an adventure.







'S/he has a strong heart, S/he is brave, courageous.

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