Stories From the Heart

When we share from the heart, we build a new connection with one another that builds resilience, possibly able to weather any storm. Losing judgement and opening up offers a place of safety and sovereignty. Stories from the heart are like a breath of fresh air, are like light.

From my own experiences, I found I was often the one who shed, or had to seek validation. It now doesn’t dawn on me to seek validation because what may be more important is knowing and understanding trust, and being okay with the sharing of my experiences with those I work with, or I am with. I have learned that my sharing is different these days, at the same time, speaks to how we can make space for different levels of sharing. This does not mean we cannot share in different spaces. This could mean that my stories of the heart are more entrenched in my day. This does not mean I lack boundaries, or am unprofessional. Sharing is an important value. “What we know matters but who we are matters more.” Brené Brown

I for one, was conditioned for a long time to be quiet. Being quiet, meant I was being appropriate. Being appropriate felt stifling. At the same time I was the one who had the inside and outside conversations. I longed to see change. I longed for understanding. Soon enough, I realised the care that was around me innately. I felt that human quality of compassion, many times over. For every negative interaction, I learned, that the positive over compensated. I came from a family who shared and valued stories. We spoke at the table. We shared many stories.

As a mixed race Newfoundland and Anishinabek woman, I have learned that its okay to be okay with heart stories. My ancestors have been telling stories forever. This is a valid and important way of building relationships, of knowing where one fits in, of understanding goals, visions, dreams. Stories about ourselves are just bits and pieces of our family, our gifts, our personal best.

When we work, does our professional self become different than our personal self? Is there an opportunity to be honest with both parts of ourselves. I think so. When I became a teacher I realised in the training that my experiences were different when I compared my journey to the other new teachers in training. When we enter our respective professions, we are brought to those who share our values and ideals.

When I branched out in my business to expand to build in a place to build my brand around connecting, sharing, transferring knowledge, building capacity for a different feeling to a conference, I realised that there is so much more to how we share a space together. Intimacy is a value that is inherent in Indigenous Knowledge, which is shared by many cultures such as family, community, language, care of children, care of Elders. There are many values that are important to either ourselves, our family, our nation, or our business. This is our foundation. Like the many tipi poles that represent a teaching, which build the tipi, the same is for how we nurture our professional self. We are grounded and rooted by our values. This is the foundation of our brand, business or self.

Without reevaluating our professional and personal side, without considering the many stories of who we are, why and our values, we lack opportunities for growth. Mapping this out and participating in ways to understand our contributions, our learning. Those moments to share, on an intimate level, reiterate the importance of respect, and stories, or listening, and hearing. Of acknowledging, without judgement, and with a caring heart. This is the power of compassion.

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