How To get to the Conference

Either you will rent a car which you should plan in advance through a company like Budget or Avis. Or you will call a cab- It will help to call Grey Eagle directly and ask them if they have a cab service they deal with.

You will then find the dealership at the airport and proceed to the dealership after you have collected your luggage. Driving in Calgary at different times of the day will look different.

Traffic flow will change in early morning and in later afternoon, or on weekends.

The two ways I know are:

Take the Deerfoot, head south, I’d stick to the middle lane, if possible all the way to the Glenmore Trail, then you’d take the exit to the west, and head to the venue location of the Grey Eagle, which is at the 37th Street exit. You will than take a roundabout, and on 37th where you head south, past some construction, than a right to the Grey Eagle location.

OR a more scenic city drive, also slower traffic, but maybe more stops, more to see.. more adventurous.. again watch to not take an exit off.. or it redirect your route…

When leaving the airport you will head down the Deerfoot. Note that slower traffic is on the inner lane, and faster traffic flows to the centre. As you head south, you will exit at the Memorial exit, and take a right.

You will then travel west along Memorial to the Crowchild Trail where you will head south. The Crowchild Trail is under renovation in some areas so be aware. Head south to Richmond Road. Hang a left onto Richmond Road. For a few minutes, you will then reach 37th Street, take a left. Heading left towards the community of Tsuut’ina Nation.

You will pass a few stores to the left. You will pass the Glenmore Trail- don’t hop on the Glenmore, or you will have to find a turn around- or end up in Banff. Go right thru. You will hit a roundabout. You have full right of the way at the roundabout, though watch for other drivers anyway.

Follow the roundabout, follow the overpass, keep heading on 37th Street S.  You will see construction outside the Grey Eagle. Take a right when it says you are at Grey Eagle.  You are now headed to the Conference location. To the very west you will see the Canadian Rockies. Welcome! (I will attach a map)

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