Language Teaching in Anishinabe Mowin, the Sun,

James Vukelich , speaking about Geezhis, the Sun. And the many different ways which the Sun captures and varying descriptions.  He describes in the beginning. Speaks about self care and healing. Speaking also on his travels to the Treaty Three territory.

When I was learning about Language as a teenager it was organized in our community and was just as animated, and rich. I love learning language in this way. This truly captures how relational learning is within our communities, as there are so many language teachers out there, teaching in their own unique ways which is amazing. Glad to see James take his work online, makes this meaningful and engaging and accessible. Stories.. sharing.. details.. oral histories. Knowledge being embedded in the names, as he speaks about.


I was fortunate to have been coached this summer of 2018 by Lindsay Adamson, and wanted to share along her article.  She was so great to learn with and from. Entrepreneurship is a hard go at times. Though the more in tune you can become to those you serve, help and work with. I just had to share this great article. It was originally published in WomanPreneur, February 2019. You need to join to read first though: join