Goodbye little one and may your spirit soar in with the ocean salt and other babies that you will meet on your journey, and ancestors, your strong Mother Orca who demonstrates so much love and courage, swim on, and Tahlequah know we were grieving with you, and are still grieving by your side

The orca represents many different attitudes and ideas, often revolving around luck, compassion and family. They are known to some tribes as the guardians of the sea, protecting the people (especially sea travellers) against sea monsters. Because of their strong group behaviour orcas represent the strength of love and the bonds of family.

Boas tribes believed that if you saw a killer whale pass by and spat seawater towards it, the killer whale would heal your illnesses.

The Lummi Nation talks about answering the call to help  another injured Orca, during this ordeal, which is another Orca related to the pod.  A vet who tried to help out“ As a veterinarian, at the end of the day it’s caring about animals, which is my driver and the big driver for all the folks that have come to aid J50,” said Haulena.

“It is why I do what I do, to come to the aid of an animal, in particular an endangered species living right in our back yard.”Scientists want to do everything possible to keep J50 alive because of her reproductive potential. The whale has always been smaller and shorter than a typical orca whale at her age, but has not gained weight as expected.

So many teachings about Orcas, here are a few:

  • Female orcas have been having pregnancy problems because of nutritional stress linked to lack of salmon.
  • This calf cited to be the first born in three years of this pod.’
  • The death of the orca calf is a heartbreaking reminder of the urgency we face in saving these iconic animals,’ the governor’s spokesman Jaime Smith wrote in an email.
  • The orcas are distinct from other killer whales because they eat salmon rather than marine mammals.
  • “To learn the orcas’ natural and cultural history is to understand how closely connected a mother and calf are, how tight-knit their bond.” Mother orcas have a unique bond with their offspring, who rarely leave their mothers’ sides.


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