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The Culture-Based Arts Integration (CBAI) Curriculum website is the ongoing product of the work of many K-8 public school teachers in northern Minnesota.

The lessons and activities provided here were developed as part of two projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement, Arts in Education Model Demonstration and Dissemination Programs beginning in 2006. These projects address specific gaps and weaknesses in educational service, infrastructure, and opportunities for American Indian and non-Indian students.

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Welcome to Anishinaabemowin where our overriding goal is to make available the opportunity to learn the Anishinaabe language no matter what school you attend, program you are a part of, or city or country you live in. We hope this website will serve as the official resource for the Ojibwe language creating a unique and reputable location that people throughout the world can access for learning the language, and the various dialects spoken throughout our region. This revitalization project will serve as a library of resources, including the archiving of not only our language, but also our elders through the audio and video segments throughout the site.

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