About being an Indigenous Woman

As an Indigenous mother I know, I have to stand a little taller, and remember the strong legs I stand on, that have stood in the faces of both beauty and oppression, especially for my son’s.
These same legs which have carried me miles from my homeland to places far, wide and then back again, to home.
That have carried not one, but two bodies: mine and my child, four times over.
By building those muscles I am committing to walking a path of beauty, confidence and strength.
 I walk with responsibilities as a mother and nation builder, and especially sister and daughter of the nations.

Beauty is something bestowed on all of us, in magnitudes and that we should never be ashamed of our body, certainly not the one the Creator gave us.

That we are a walking testimony of Love.

Strength is about loving that shade of mocha I am in.
Strength is about choosing colours that make me feel beautiful.
Strength is about embracing a caring and loving attitude.
Courage is about accepting values of beauty rooted in your strength.
Courage is about being in love with the ones you were blessed with.
Courage is about being open to love because it is that Love that healed you in the first place.
“DNA is Earth and Sky. The evolution. The continuation.”
(J Trudell)

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