Building Strong Children, begins with Strong Relationships

Cajete writes:

So, I grew up under the tutelage of my grandmother who influenced me in a variety of ways. In many ways she set the tone for the kinds of thinking that I do now, the kinds of work that I do in community building, and also the kind of work I do in taking a look at the concept of Native science.

She was a matriarch. She was very knowledgeable about farming; very knowledgeable about plants and animals; very knowledgeable about Pueblo traditions.

She grew up herself in a time when Pueblo communities were very cohesive and very self-sufficient in their social relationships and social organization. It was a time when what you learned in the community was what helped you to sustain and to remain sustainable within your family and community.

Those are the kind of influences that I had as I was growing up that I still remember today — being taught about relationships, relationships to my immediate family and also extended family. The whole notion of who you are related to — notions of respect — working in different kinds of context where you are working to help others.

All of those kinds of notions of relationship, respect, and responsibility that I learned and internalized at a very, very young age, I think are the foundations of what I continue to do and elaborate on in my career as a teacher, as an Indigenous educator.

You can read more of what he has to say,

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