Shout out from Toronto

Today when I started my session, on What is an Entrepreneur Warrior I shared about what this looked like, and how it, fits into the current context.

I didn’t sleep much last night. I arrived on Sunday.  Immediately in my room, I felt the need to hear this song: by the Tribe Called Red. I’ve had to ground myself a lot this time in Toronto. It felt powerful to introduce Toronto as the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

Recovering the feminine sacred power of who we are as Indigenous Women is key to our development and our movements on this Land.  Recovering the masculine is about picking up those stories and songs that make us proud and strong.  Even the buildings are made of Mother Earth. Look out and still find trees growing in concrete. Feel peace in knowing ancestors are amongst us.

We heard the teaching today when we sat. Some chairs empty. But never really empty. We know the chairs are filled, by those we know are still with us.

Toronto. I connected with you this time in a very different context. Urgency. Sweetness. Shared deserts. Full out listening. Thinking its Tuesday when Monday did not even finish.

The consistency of knowing the stars are among us.

The gathering of knowledge where we realize the deep need to just be ourselves. And nothing else.

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