Restoring Language: Biigtigong Language Project

Here is a link to what they are working on back home on Language,

Language being everything about nation building, restoring culture, and well being. Language is so critical.

I know in high school my attempts to learning language were done back home when I was learning from Elder Myra Michano. I used to go weekly once.  These moments of learning were directed by the Elder and done in a comfortable place. I learned words and spent a lot of time, with community. I never learned language in school. Our eldest son is learning language in school. He has chosen to opt out of French, for Anishinabe Mowin. I would have chosen the same. Around gr. 7, I noticed, that I’d rather be learning my own language, not French. I took French anyway. It was also the first time I received a failed grade in life. I failed French in gr. 7. Perhaps my first attempt at speaking back, and refusing to learn, something, I felt was being forced upon me, which interfered with what I really felt I should have been learning, in the first place. That was my first 42%. I’ll never forget the way my French teacher looked at me.

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