Indigenous Futurisms

I’ve told my children stories about space. Inserting a lifesaving story of their dad rescuing me, the Indian Princess, from the colony.

I’ve gone into the story deliberate and detailed.

It became a bedtime story that I would tell our children. I don’t really know why I started to tell the story. Perhaps, it came, because I was trying to align myself with their toys- as our children loved StarWars. Perhaps it was me seeing myself needing to be saved?  It was my princess story.

Sometimes I think that one will come into your life, to help you see your purpose. That one adoring person who listens to your inventions, creativity and stories. We cannot blame anyone for sometimes we forget how to fly.  Creating is the one thing that no one can take from you. Your creativity is yours. You may be compared to great geniuses. You may have your own touch. Being compared to is a good thing.

I wanted to start my day thinking about futurisms and it led me to Art.

“Art is both the means to project Indigenous life into the stars and the space canoe we use to paddle through these imagined galaxies. Art becomes a medicinal practice, healing our spirits, minds, and bodies as we move into possible


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