Sunday Reading #Decolonizingyourself

Dr. Poitras Pratt said to us: “I had to decolonize myself before I could continue in my own education. Use storytelling to guide your own path in lifelong learning” (personal communication, October 22, 2013). She spoke of needing to hear the story behind the story. She spoke of the sacred space of stories, and I was reminded of Wendell Berry (2013), in an interview with Bill Moyers when he said that “there are no sacred and unsacred places, there are only sacred and desecrated places.” In engaging poetic inquiry, “a sensuous-intellectual activity—centering, decoding, reframing, discovering and discoursing ourselves in ways that shows us something of what we are, literally, as embodied participants and observers” (Brady, 2009, p. xiii), I seek to creatively and reflectively find my proper, sacred place in this story.


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