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Watching this video, I am reminded of the the voice and experiences of Indigenous youth, who are claiming, naming and being an active part of their history making. He talks about the Land, that it is everything. He will remember this moment for a long time. It is a part of who he is and his experience. His intent. His thoughts. His gifts. His truth telling. #AllMyRelations

The Secret Path, Reconciliation & Not-Reconciliation

It was one man’s public apology. Or perhaps the Downie family’s, who are coming to terms with a different kind of of grief. But for their part, the Wenjacks accepted it with dignity.

Source: The Secret Path, Reconciliation & Not-Reconciliation

feel with your heart- allow it to articulate- mediating on the deeper questions.. (deep)

Facilitating a vision universe meditation questions

  1. universe questions
  2.  what must i become to manifest the vision i am to see (becoming is your growing edge– what habits must change, what must i become) listen..hear

Photo experimentation

I’ve been off with a broken leg and its been rather different. I’ve mandated myself to do more creative work. Its been a rough week as well as we seen the passing of my children’s paternal grandfather Felix, and found myself grieving, and at the same time, facing, the realization of, what this all means to me. I supported my father in law thru the spring, summer and part of the fall.  I’ve realized my creative spirit is one that keeps my own spirits up. Here are a few of my newest explorations:learning-sites-ice

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Sunday October 02, 2016 ‘This is our civil rights movement’: Teacher says learning Indigenous history only a first step



“I have to say the non-Indigenous children were so angry,” she said.

“They were so angry that … they had never learned about this before. They didn’t understand why they were being lied to. One of my favourite quotes from one of my kids was, ‘How could I be in Grade 6 and not know this? Why is this such a secret?'”

Lisa Howell
Howell is a Grades 5 and 6 special education teacher at Pierre Elliott Trudeau School in Gatineau, Que. (Submitted photo)
Armed with this new information, Howell said her students were motivated to go to other schools to share what they had learned. They even visited the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat and taught federal government employees.

Howell said it is important that Canadians learn the history, so that it is not a taboo subject to future generations.

“This is our civil rights movement,” she said. “This is a pivotal time in Canadian history where every single Canadian needs to be involved in changing the way that our history has gone. We might not be able to change the past, but how the future goes is up to us.”