A work in progress about beginnings, removals. A fall day.

Leaves falls The moment the visiting Elder arrives: It won't be on that mountaintop. He will arrive at your home because you gave him your address.  He lives in the city now. He is left behind his mossy homeland not because he wanted to but because he knew it was what he needed to do. …

Traditional knowledge and culture are key to improving mental health of Aboriginal youth

Traditional knowledge and teachings are the keys to improving the health of aboriginal youth, according to Dr. Dawn Martin-Hill, and should be funded through mental health and social services.     http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6851822-traditional-knowledge-and-culture-are-key-to-improving-mental-health-of-aboriginal-youth/  

Those Little Numbers and People

Related to my thoughts on Data as Disempowerment, here are some words to remember from Eduardo Galeano’s Book of Embraces (pg. 81) … the more wretched and desperate the people, the more… Source: Those Little Numbers and People