Its that simple: “let’s do this, let’s be superior,” thinking, doing, dreaming, being, into action.

beSuperior is a sole proprietorship run by Michelle Richmond-Saravia who is an Indigenous woman from Biigtigong Anishnabeg formerly Pic River though residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Drawing on the beauty and power of the Big Lake we live by and gain our sustenance from, has always been an inspiration for Richmond-Saravia. beSuperior strives to ignite a light within all those who participate in programming or consulting with beSuperior. beSuperior is about recognizing the ability to believe the sky is the limit, and that at the same time we are grounded by the knowledge of our roots.

Nurturing a connection with the place we live, and making this a possibility is a testimony of our strength and creativity. beSuperior utilizes an Indigenous Methodology approach in all her work which is guided by respectful work, reciprocal work, relevant work, and lastly relationally which translates to the importance of the circle and how we are all related.

beSuperior believes that its cultural component, creative edge and unique vision of strength centred approaches including decolonizing which is essentially building upon our strengths.

about the name beSuperior

I grew up next to Lake Superior but spent my early years in Toronto: Willowdale, North York, Scarborough; the traditional territory of A Dish with One Spoon where I was born.

When moving back to my mother’s territory I learned The Lake is home, a place of imagination, connection and inspiration. I also learned dispossession as we could not live on the reserve, or First Nation community as my dad is a Newfoundlander. I grew closely with my grandmother nonetheless. Spending a lot of time with her back in Biigtigong Anishinabeg on the northshore of Lake Superior.

beSuperior’s name was chosen to keep that focus in the area of Land connection, the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practices.

beSuperior refers to “existing courageously” as in “let’s do this, let’s be superior,” thinking, doing, dreaming, being, into action.

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