About my business 

I have a Masters of Education, and I am a published writer. A huge part of my work is around education and the TRC and to help support the process around having these conversations and help to create change and create spaces to have these heartfelt conversations.  I am an Indigenous mom and I have three sons and my connections are to Pic River First Nation, Biigtigong Anishnaabeg.

beSuperior is located in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario and offers services that are rooted in Indigenous perspectives based in Decolonizing Methodologies  building upon strengths and knowledge, using self reflection and reflective practice, and eventually impacting policy or building further approaches to help build capacity, areas, or programming.

beSuperior is about recognizing  the Lake: a place of imagination, connection and inspiration, and courageous. being Superior, is about existing in courageous ways. My identity matters because it connects me to who I am, and how I work. I see, myself as being strongly influenced by the work ethics of my grandfathers, who were also both entrepreneurs: both though, working on the Land.  beSuperior is a sole proprietorship and I am Indigenous/Anishinabek and Newfoundlander woman from Biigtigong Anishnabeg formerly Pic River though residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.


Learning as a transformative act. When we invest in our learning, we are investing in ourselves, to be better leaders, that speak to the demographics and the people around us.   Learning is also about the spaces we provide. We have to chose this carefully and with great detail and thought. Learning is about changing how we deliver. Learning is about inquiry including paying attention to those details, the ones that bother us.  Learning is a way to be; on the Land, with community, together.

nurturing a connection to where we live

Drawing on the beauty and power of the Big Lake we live by and gain our sustenance from, has always been an inspiration for me. beSuperior was hoped to instil this inner beauty and belief in connection.

beSuperior strives to ignite a light within all those who participate in programming or consulting with beSuperior.

beSuperior is about recognizing the ability to believe the sky is the limit, and that at the same time we are grounded by the knowledge of our roots.

Nurturing a connection with the place we live, and making this a possibility is a testimony of our strength and creativity. beSuperior utilizes an Indigenous Methodology approach and is guided by respectful work, reciprocal work, relevant work, and lastly relationally which translates to the importance of the circle and how we are all related. These are the basics of Indigenous Research Methodologies. (Shawn Wilson, Margaret Kovach)

beSuperior believes that its cultural component, creative edge and unique vision of strength centred approaches including decolonizing which is essentially building upon our strengths.  Using Reggio methods as a base, which is based on multiple intelligences, in recognition too of the environment as the third teacher. So the environment we learn in is just as important as what we are learning. Encouraging inquiry is also important and critical thinking, as well as opening up spaces to do this whether it be on the Land or in a conference.

building relevant spaces that speak to the ones we are working with and for

I believe in infusing as many spaces with Indigenous Knowledge and in being culturally appropriate, and supportive in the best ways possible, and importantly, asking ourselves, how does our location or space, reflect the quality of what we offer? Does it? I really believe as Dr. Emily Fairies, a Cree Scholar shared, in her work around how schools need to be a site of both decolonizing and healing.

Building a place for sharing and learning, especially in light of the TRC and our responsibility as even citizens, for me, I do it for my  family, some of whom I did not meet. I do it for my children. I do it because I too have needed that support, and hopefully the transfer of knowledge will lead to a different understanding, and not only build resilience but a shared vision of a better now.



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