Left Brain/Right Brain: Gorgeously Illustrated Mercedes Benz Ads

by JEANNIE on Feb 25, 2011 • 9:00 am 7 Comments Tweet This series of Mercedes Benz ads have left me speechless: what a wonderful way to illustrate the experience of owning a luxury car, which appeals to both your left brain and your right brain. The ad is split neatly down the middle, separating …

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Barriers to Land Connection

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I’ve had the discussion around Land Connection. When writing my business plan this summer, with three sons in my care 24-7. How I did that one: required the skills of a Marathon runner or swimmer. Up for air. Back down.

I’ve been asked, what is Land Connection. How do you explain Land Connection? What do you mean, Land Connection. Well first things first, Land Connection while living in the city can be difficult to do. Given our daily schedules, the time it takes to get from a to b.  Is it about how important it is to be outside that I am promoting, in a way yes. It is also about that feeling you have in the place you are. Research is showing that youth are spending way too much time in front of screens, as are adults. No one is interacting anymore? Or are they.  Families who move into…

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GPS: What is yours? What brings you Joy?

http://www.supersoul.tv/supersoul-sunday/the-importance-of-your-internal-gps?TW=tw_omag_internal_gps Supersoul message: your dream comes because you have the talent and the capacity. You have the capacity to do anything you can dream of. #SoulfulSunday   "Joy is a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace - a connection to what matters." Oprah      

Joy Harjo’s tribute to John Trudell

He was the original thinker who said: “Think more. Believe less.” (Believe has the word “lie” in it.) “We don’t need more leaders. What we need are thinkers.” “We need to make peace with the earth.” John roused an army of young native spoken word artists, and made it okay for a warrior To write …

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The hearts of our Women

The Hearts of our Women, will never mend & still we are Strong  For all those who have spoken up to the #MMIW, its a collective voice both political and grassroots leadership & the movements from within initiated by our own women, on their own. I include my own story here, initiated during the call out for a …

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