I made the #ReMatriate photo series. So awesome. Love these.

ReMatriate is an open group of Indigenous womyn. We want to take back what it means to be a wommon from where we each come from, mixed race or not and show that off with pride. We live in a society of images and it is a time of mass innappropriation of our distinct Indigenous cultures and identities. Rematriate is responding to the need to show diverse, positive representations of our women by dismantling negative stereotypes that dehumanize and devalue us. We want to put a stop to the illegitimate use and profit from our hereditary cultural identities, images, art forms and knowledge systems. We want positive images or our womyn in the media that express our complex, beautiful, identities. ReMatriate is a generative social media based platform that has an open call for submissions. If you would like to express what ReMatriate means to you, we welcome you to send images, including a bio, and the name of the person or people in the image as well as the photographer. ReMatriate has been interviewed by Red Man Laughing, CBC radio and tv in addition to Vice Magazine with panel discussions in Vancouver and the Yukon.

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