Potential x Effort x (Relevant to their Context) = Success NOT just Potential x Effort=Success


Relevance in learning is critical.

A school that makes sense to them. How does help them to achieve their dreams?

Curriculum: Evolution of the teacher.  For example: Literacy levels impacted by the constant corrections of spelling- does give context of why we need to spell, though

Roles that the children live, so different than what we set for them in the urban area.  The expectations, in the community is large. Make the connection of school learning back to all their other roles.

Listen to the families.

Skills and training and experiences come together to make sense.

The importances of connectedness & confidences.

Resounding questions:

What if we could make school relevant?

What if we could change the way we view success?

Move away from being “teacher directed”

Activities need to be relevant to the learners, to everyone, to each player.

Increased confidence. Magic happens. Students are going back to their communities talking about the school that makes sense to them. Meaningful work partnerships.

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