Teacher- Graduated with high standings from Lakehead University’s Bachelor of Education Program in the year 2000.

Curriculum and Subject areas- Indigenous Science, Social Science,  Land Based Learning, Self Care, Traditional Knowledge, Anti bullying, Art & Physical Education, Parenting, Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

Circle facilitation- Ability to facilitate a circle for building knowledge and awareness upon request.

Chairing- Ability to chair and coordinate conferences ranging from smaller to larger groups.

Masters of Education- Qualitative Research using both Indigenous Methodologies, Decolonizing Research Methodologies & Art Based Research Methodologies & Ethnographic Research. My Masters research was conducted with 21 Indigenous youth using stories around Land Connection, Indigenous Learning and Indigenous Methodologies. I have also published on My Lived Experience of Anishinabek Mothering & am knowledgeable about many topics related to mothering.

Research & Technical Support-   Strong skill set in the education sector and Indigenous learning, on reserve.

Supporting Roles- Facilitate events to promote opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and relationship building.

Professional Training- For educators or frontline workers in the areas of Cultural Competency & Sensitivity,  Intergenerational Trauma, Impact of Residential Schools & Human Rights, and Indigenous Methodologies & Design.

Writing– Creative, technical and academic. (currently working on a creative project)

Mentoring and Life Coaching- Vision Boards, visioning exercises, Land Based learning & fostering a connection.

Entrepreneurship Warrior Mentoring – Financial literacy and having a mindset to help support the goal of entrepreneurship.

Self Care– Knowledge around self care.

Interests in fiction writing & poetry. Solid knowledge base of Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Decolonizing Design. Strong knowledge base of issues impacting northern Ontario and national issues impacting Indigenous communities & travel. I love the mountains and I love trees.






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