-Facilitate events, excursions, and workshops to promote opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and relationship building around the area of Indigenous Knowledge.
-Promotion of local based Indigenous knowledge and business through networking activities located in Thunder Bay, and surrounding areas.

Technical Support and Advisory Role:

-Curriculum, Program Development, Advocacy, Technical Support, Writing. (Creative, Technical or Academic), research & evaluations.

Supporting Roles:

-Ability to Chair and coordinate meetings, sessions and larger conferences.                             -Curriculum design and program development in all education areas, with a speciality in Indigenous Knowledge,
-Professional training for Educators, including early educators and daycare workers, and frontline workers,
-Networking activities,
-Consulting services and technical support on projects in the areas of Education Research (Lived Experiences, Stories from the Land & City, Indigenous Methodologies, Environmental Education, Action based Participatory -Research, and Arts based Methodologies, and Reggio Methods),
-First Nation youth programming and research,
-Culturally competent programming,
-Land Connection and Land based Learning.


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