Research & Technical Support-   Experience in Indigenous Methodologies & Arts Based Methodologies. Excellent ability to analyze and understand themes and trends, and to help build support.

Supporting Roles- Facilitate events to promote opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and relationship building.

Indigenizing Curriculum- Experience in Indigenizing Science, Social Science,  Land Based Learning, Art & Physical Education.

Professional Training- For educators or frontline workers in the areas of Cultural Competency & Sensitivity,  Intergenerational Trauma, Impact of Residential Schools & Human Rights, and Indigenous Methodologies & Design.

Writing– Creative, technical and academic.

Mentoring and Life Coaching-  I can help support around helping you build your vision and then the steps needed to build that success. Most of this is the hard work we put into our own success though. I can be there to mentor, by using my own life experiences and knowledge, and by helping you, build a framework to bring your life back into balance.

Entrepreneurship Warrioress Mentoring – This is about financial literacy and having a mindset to help support the goal of entrepreneurship.

Interests in fiction writing & poetry. Solid knowledge base of Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Decolonizing Design. Strong knowledge base of issues impacting northern Ontario and national issues impacting Indigenous communities.

Thesis focused on work with Indigenous Youth, Land Connection and significance of Land and Indigenous Knowledge in youths experiences & success; as well as Indigenous Epistemologies. I have written in the areas also of Indigenous Mothering using arts based approaches.

15 years of direct experience in Indigenous Research. 




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