Qualifications & Overview of Services


-Member of Good Standing with the Ontario Teachers College


-Masters in Education, Lakehead University,  2012

-Bachelor of Education, Lakehead University, 2000

-Creative Writing School One year, Pentiction, BC, 1997

-Honours Indigenous Studies, Trent University,


Overview of Services 


-Facilitate events, excursions, and workshops to promote opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and relationship building around the area of Indigenous Knowledge.
-Promotion of local based Indigenous knowledge and business through networking activities located in Thunder Bay, and surrounding areas.

Technical Support and Advisory Role:

-Curriculum, Program Development, Advocacy, Technical Support, Writing. (Creative, Technical or Academic), research & evaluations.

Supporting Roles:

-Ability to Chair and coordinate meetings, sessions and larger conferences.                             -Curriculum design and program development in all education areas, with a speciality in Indigenous Knowledge,
-Professional training for Educators, including early educators and daycare workers, and frontline workers,
-Networking activities,
-Consulting services and technical support on projects in the areas of Education Research (Lived Experiences, Stories from the Land & City, Indigenous Methodologies, Environmental Education, Action based Participatory -Research, and Arts based Methodologies, and Reggio Methods),
-First Nation youth programming and research,
-Culturally competent programming,
-Land Connection and Land based Learning.

 About Stories: 

We need to share stories and to listen to the stories we tell, as well as understand how our own stories inform us about ourselves, our lives and about our strengths. Stories are rooted in the very being of who we are, who are grandparents are. When we tell stories to our children, any stories of ourselves, we are passing on tradition and safeguarding our children.

I’ve been interested in stories since I was a young girl.  I’ve listened to the many from the women of Turtle Island.  I’ve also listened to those of the fathers, the youth, and the Elders. As a mixed race but registered member of the Biigitong Anishinabeg located on the north shore of Lake Superior, both my Anishinabe roots and Newfoundlander roots taught me that stories are special gifts. They are medicine.

I’m interested in stories and how they help to shape our histories. I believe that stories can help us in understanding so much.

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