Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge Market Vendor Listing

The Event was a great success. Lots of amazing people came through the doors of the Baggage Arts Building that afternoon and night.  This was Thunder Bay’s First Indigenous Knowledge Market. There was a lot of laughter, talking, networking and sharing of stories. It was a good vibe.



Cream Indigneous Market


-Two Feathers/Cocomis Crafts

– Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre

-Francis Family Crafts

-McKay Maple Syrup & Gift Products

-D & R Dreamcatcher’s

-Injunuity Gifts & Supplies

-Tamarac’s Crafts Moccasins & Housewares

-Sacred Elements Tea & Gift Products

-Thunder Bay Art Gallery

-beSuperior Consulting & stella & dot

-Gubber’s Creation, Art & Mayberry Leggings

-Walking with our Sisters

-The City of Thunder Bay

-The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Ctr. &

-The Centre for Indigenous Theatre (CIT)

Orange Indigenous Mkt Sign


Events & Programs

Events are planned as follows. The objective is to network, share and build relationships in the area of Indigenous Knowledges. The focus is on learning.

  • Indigenous Knowledge Market – The goal is to bring together common vendors for networking and support in the area of co-ordination of IK.Indigenous Knowledge.
  • The “MyStory” Dibaajimo ( s/he tells; he relates [dibáájimo]) Indigenous Leadership Series will launch in the fall of  2016-17. The “MyStory” Dibaajimo Series are open to everyone.  These unique “series” will feature a special person in and around Thunder Bay and will have a distinct theme. The goal of these series is to build relationships, and network.Fee to attend. • Reflective, dynamic, and with a focus on deepening understanding around key areas that impact Indigenous learning, wellness, & abilities to share these concepts. • Paperless sessions: bring your own journal & favourite pen.
  • Creative  Circle: Foster a love of literacy, art, and other creative means of expression through sharing writing and coffee houses.
  • Hons. B. Ed., M’Ed.
  • Registered with the Ontario Teachers College in Good Standing.
  • 12 + years in Indigenous Education, in various capacities: professor, researcher, curriculum writer,
  • Project Management, recommendations, analysis, & reporting.
  • Strong knowledge of the North,  the north shore of Lake Superior & communities to the west and north,
  •  Consulting with a strength in various areas: justice, health, education, women’s issues, economics & entrepreneurship, with a focus on Indigenous communities & voice.
  •  Qualitative Research, Analysis & Advisory support and an interest in Arts Based Methodologies
  •  Curriculum Writing & technical writing
  • Facilitation of Circles
  • Visioning, Strategizing, Innovations
  • Events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Arts Based Engagements- Community Based Artist
Indigenous Knowledge, learning

Epistemology and the way we learn and how and where Indigenous Knowledges fit into mainstream is a very important concept. How can we facilitate this? Is it possible? Additionally how do we talk with our children about decolonization? What does this look like? How do we even decolonize?

I’m interested in stories and how they help to shape our histories. I believe that stories can help us in understanding so much.  We need to share stories and to listen to the stories we tell, as well as understand how our own stories inform us about ourselves, our lives and about our strengths.

I have advised, visioned, planned, advocated, researched and prepared. I’ve been involved in art, justice, education, health and worked directly with both Elders and youth.

I’ve worked with most political territorial organizations in northern Ontario including  Nishnawbe Aski Nation,  Robinson Superior & Treaty 3 areas, and the Grand Council of Treaty Three through my work in other fields. I’ve worked with Lakehead University, Broland Tree planting, Outward Bound, and Rediscovery International and in the field of Outdoor education including with Outward Bound(Black Sturgeon, ON) for three summers, attended Rediscovery International’s Training in Victoria BC, and tree planted for one summer. (One forest planted by me in and around Manitouwadge ON with BroLand- traditional territories of Bigtigong Anishnawbe).

I am a qualified teacher, with an Honours degree from Trent University in Indigenous Studies, a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University, and a Masters Degree from Lakehead University. I have over 15 years of experience in Indigenous Research, facilitation, policy, curriculum writing, and program development.

I have contributed in the education, health, justice, & art sectors. Richmond-Saravia is a committed advocate in anti violence and in creating spaces for healthy activities, especially with Land at heart.

In my teen years, I became a National Lifeguard, a Red Cross Swim Instructor and coached swimming for about 5 years.  I worked at the Port Hole Pool in Marathon, ON for since the age of 14, where I started out as an assistant Swim Coach.  Being trained in the fields of lifeguarding is and has always meant I see a lot of the world through, well the lifeguard never leaves you, that’s for sure.



Teaching and Facilitator 

Curriculum and Subject areas- Indigenous Science, Social Science,  Land Based Learning, Self Care, Traditional Knowledge, Anti bullying, Art & Physical Education, Parenting, Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

Circle facilitation- Ability to facilitate a circle for building knowledge and awareness upon request.

Chairing- Ability to chair and coordinate conferences ranging from smaller to larger groups.

Design- Holistic design. Knowledge of Reggio design and impact and Indigenous design, including style and branding.

Masters of Education- Qualitative Research using both Indigenous Methodologies, Decolonizing Research Methodologies & Art Based Research Methodologies & Ethnographic Research. My Masters research was conducted with 21 Indigenous youth using stories around Land Connection, Indigenous Learning and Indigenous Methodologies. I have also published on My Lived Experience of Anishinabek Mothering. Skilled in story based research, working with the grassroots: youth, women, men, Elders & and ability and knowledge to work with leadership, political people.

Research & Technical Support-   Strong skill set in the education sector and Indigenous learning, on reserve. Knowledge of curriculums in Canada, and at the provincial levels. Ability to provide technical support around policy, advocacy, writing, knowledge exchange, briefings, etc.

Supporting Roles- Facilitate events to promote opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and relationship building.

Professional Training- For educators or frontline workers in the areas of Cultural Competency & Sensitivity,  Intergenerational Trauma, Impact of Residential Schools & Human Rights, and Indigenous Methodologies & Design.

Writing– Creative, technical and academic. (currently working on a creative project)

Mentoring and Life Coaching- Vision Boards, visioning exercises, Land Based learning & fostering a connection.

Entrepreneurship Warrior Mentoring – Financial literacy and having a mindset to help support the goal of entrepreneurship.

Self Care– Knowledge around self care.

Interests in fiction writing & poetry & spoken word. I have always loved hip hop though have never explored it in my own work. Solid knowledge base of Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Decolonizing Design. Strong knowledge base of issues impacting northern Ontario and national issues impacting Indigenous communities & travel.