beSuperior’s name means to exist in a courageous, beautiful way, sort of like the Anishinabek word, minobimadzawin, which means the good life

I am from the Michano family and my late grandfather was Matt and grandmother, Adeline from Pic River or Biigtigong Anishinabeg, and Newfoundlander roots from the outport fishing communities of Greens Cove, where my grandfather and grandmother came from, and England. (not sure when they arrived in Canada)

beSuperior offers support to help build connections to culture and design, in learning, framed in Indigenous and holistic methodologies.  Culture being all that we express in our creative and highest form of self, expressions and learning. There are many ways we can learn learn as shown by many educational theorists, and researchers in the Indigenous field. Research can be ceremony as Shawn Wilson tells us, and this also relates to our overall health, wellness, and best place.

beSuperior refers to “existing courageously, existing beautifully”. We have had many things happen to us, that tried to stomp all over us and take away our pride, but we stand up, still, the way our ancestors wanted us to stand up still, with courage and pride.  Remember those teachings of the Grandfathers & Grandmothers, that advised us no matter what, we standup, we show up, beSuperior is about, we then show up, with courage, with pride, with those details that help move us along.  beSuperior is about offering that call out to our deepest centre place, our inner fire, that place that gives us our courage to be.

When we work together, to beSuperior” its a “lets do this, lets be superior, thinking, doing, dreaming, being, into action.

A shift collectively via learning, and challenging limiting mindsets make way for growth and transformation.

learn. connect. be. 

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