Leadership in areas in Indigenous Methodologies, where stories and storytelling help to support resilience, healing, and transformation in the education sector, or any sector requesting support as part of professional development.

Support to organizations and individuals in these areas including helping to understand historical contexts leading to current realities in regards to oppression and colonialism; and Best Practices in education.

LeadΒ  creative and arts based programming and research based approaches.

Help to design and build stronger connections and support systems for individuals, and community.

Visioning, process, transformation & impact in business development and/or life transitions, through mentoring, and coaching with organizations, community, and individuals.

Wide range of technical support including research, focus groups, writing, and other areas requested.Β  For example have provided a lead role in anti bullying and started work around public education campaigns.

Target audience can include: frontline workers, communities, leadership, education directors, individuals and policy makers.


exsisting courageously

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