beSuperior is a sole proprietorship run by a led by Michelle Richmond-Saravia who is an Indigenous woman from Biigtigong Anishnabeg formerly Pic River though residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Multi talented in a variety of areas including evidence based research, technical support & writing, creative writing, curriculum writing, and other forms, Indigenous …

36 things that bring me joy, inspired by #katespade

Before Christmas I treated myself to a new handbag from #KateSpade. I have not bought a new handbag in years. I was so fortunate one year, when i returned to work my old friend passed on me on a Coach bag.  I had not had a new bag in years, and what a nice act. …

According to Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you are surrounded by toxic, negative people it will surely bring you down. When you have people in your life with similar values and dreams it will drive you to better yourself. The energy within the …

painting for all seasons  

Ontario hub for community-based Indigenous health training launched at Western University – Media Relations

Western University has become the hub of a provincial network of Indigenous health training that is both culturally relevant and scientifically rigorous. The Indigenous Mentorship Network Program of Ontario launches... Source: Ontario hub for community-based Indigenous health training launched at Western University - Media Relations

Indigenous Knowledge Conference in Thunder Bay – November 14 -16, 2017

Welcome to Thunder Bay's 1st Indigenous Knowledge Conference on November 15, 16, 2017 to be held in the Robinson Superior territory in the sacred Lands of Anemki Wajiw hosted by beSuperior Consulting.  beSuperior is honoured to have renowned legendary educator, and leader in Indigenous thought and academics, Dr. LeRoy Little Bear as the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Little Bear …

The Eclipse

Today a time of transformation. The sun and moon will pass by. Say hello I suppose. Have a moment of peace.  A story about the sacred union.  Ill be watching on the ground in the trees.  I will chose some trees, and experience this mystery   with my sons.  A time for renewal.  Make some new intentions. …

Learning Resources from the AFN

  ASSEMBLY OF FIRST NATIONS About AFN Tool Kit The Assembly of First Nations has developed the It's Our Time First Nations Tool Kit as the basis of a comprehensive strategy to reach out to First Nations students, teachers, schools, communities and the Canadian public at large. The resource is designed to bring together First …

About being an Indigenous Woman

As an Indigenous mother I know, I have to stand a little taller, and remember the strong legs I stand on, that have stood in the faces of both beauty and oppression, especially for my son's. These same legs which have carried me miles from my homeland to places far, wide and then back again, …

“I questioned myself, but Ramona the strong woman is back.” #RamonaBigHead #Strength #Resilience

“This is nothing new,” says Linda Many Guns, a professor in the Native American studies department at the University of Lethbridge. “The only reason we are talking about this particular incident is, somebody hit the wrong button and sent a message to the wrong person.” While many of the incidents have occurred in and around …

g’ zaa’ gan / i love you

wild rice dreams

when i was young
a girl with crooked thick braids
all i really wanted to hear
was my mama’s voice saying,
i love you

or wishing my mama would hold me close
wrap me in her wiry arms so that i could smell
the cigarette smoke hiding in her hair

this she could never do though
from a past never spoken
i asked my mother how
to say i love you in anishnaabemowin
and she tells me

i ask her again
how do you say i love you

and she says it louder,

she says it as if i am deaf and the words are digging into the hard earth
so, i ask her again knowing
this is the only time
i will hear her say
these words

she says it over and over again

g’zaa’gan, g’zaa’gan, g’zaa’gan

until she shakes loose an imaginary skin

she is…

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Decolonizing, 12 Steps

by Ryan McMahon (This copy may vary slightly from the broadcast version.) If I could buy Canada one gift on its 150th birthday, I'd buy it a 12-step program. No, not that 12-step program. A 12-step program on decolonization. In fact, if I had three wishes and a shirtless, magic genie ... well, it'd be awkward. …

Building Strong Children, begins with Strong Relationships

Cajete writes: So, I grew up under the tutelage of my grandmother who influenced me in a variety of ways. In many ways she set the tone for the kinds of thinking that I do now, the kinds of work that I do in community building, and also the kind of work I do in …

An article on Land Dispossession

This article is interesting as it discusses Land Dispossession & the impact of how that looks from the Indigenous side. I myself, grew up along the shores of the north, and didn't have to think about private property a lot. Also having grown up in a small town, we regularly cut through people's yards, everyone …

History of Thunder Bay

I have always wondered about the vibe in the city I live in. I haven't bothered doing research. Of course I have heard about the oral stories here. About sacred sites. I have also studied the fur trade and know the contexts. But the stories told thru the euro centred ways of understanding, from the …

Shout out from Toronto

Today when I started my session, on What is an Entrepreneur Warrior I shared about what this looked like, and how it, fits into the current context. I didn't sleep much last night. I arrived on Sunday.  Immediately in my room, I felt the need to hear this song: by the Tribe Called Red. I've had to …

For My Auntie, Noshay, Tia Carolina

I want to say first of all, thank you for always making the time for me, for sharing stories with me, for making that time meaningful. I will always remember the story of you telling me that, when you came to find me in Scarborough Ontario where my first seven years were spent, in townhouse, …

List of Indigenous books/resources

Books are so important. They inform us, they include us, they heal us. Stories are who we are. We need to read more and more stories about and with our story included. When I see the significant work done by Indigenous publishers, and some I have had the fortune of meeting along the way, I'm continually …

Provincial Parks

  There is a form where you can fill out or something or other requesting to use the park, in a spiritual significant manner where your fees are waived. I thought this would be really great for those of us who work on the frontline with clients, and families and Elders and want to access …