Ecourse on Entrepreneurship

beSuperior is offering a first time ever ECOURSE lasting 28 days, or four weeks, or about 4 hours a week for 4 weeks.

First Four Week Online ECOURSE being offered with a theme of “Igniting your Entreprenural Path”, for personal development. This ECOURSE can also be a face to face, including for a larger group. The time committment overall is about 16 hours; which includes the hands on activities and instruction time.

Entrepreneural Paths are about making decisions that work for you, sometimes, we waver on knowing what is the best way to proceed forward. Module 1 will help in building that path by using a hands on approach that works.

Module 2. This is where we find out what serves us, what does not.

Module 3 will be focused on the skills you have to help support you.. Confidence is about knowing the different markets, your expertise and being supported in your development.

Resilience is about maintaining your new direction. Building new and old relationships based on strength, and being kind to you.



Professional and Personal Development & Mentoring – relate. connect. be.

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