I grew up next to Lake Superior but spent my early years in Toronto: Willowdale, North York, Scarborough; the traditional territory of A Dish with One Spoon where I was born.

When moving back to my mother’s territory I learned The Lake is home, a place of imagination, connection and inspiration. I also learned that exiled feeling, as we could not live on the reserve, or First Nation community as my dad is a Newfoundlander. I grew closely with my grandmother nonetheless. Spending a lot of time with her back in Biigtigong Anishinabeg on the northshore of Lake Superior.

beSuperior’s name was chosen to keep that focus in the area of Land connection, the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practices. Most importantly beSuperior offers support to help build connections to culture and design, in learning, framed in Indigenous and holistic methodologies.  Culture being all that we express in our creative and highest form of self, expressions and learning. There are many ways we can learn learn as shown by many educational theorists, and this also relates to our overall health and wellbeing.

beSuperior refers to “existing courageously”. beSuperior” is like that catch all, to be,  “lets do this, lets be superior,thinking, doing, dreaming, being, into action.